Bi Fold Doors - Pros & Cons

Published: 12th April 2011
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Being Fully retractable is one of the many great advantages of investing the extra money in a bi fold door system.

The generally well known France door is simply a variety of bi-folding doors and most manufacturers can make their own systems. The France Door system opens in the centre, this means that each side can be completely open at correct angles to the track. These doors are becoming more popular in recent years due to the elegant starting mechanisms available with great views.

Below are some of the strengths and weaknesses of bi-folding doors: Strengths

Fully retracting door sections

Choice of Aluminum as well as UPVC structures

Up to Ten meters broad

Adds value to any type of house

Choice of 400 colours

40 starting options

Well examined and controlled products


More expensive compared to traditional option

UPVC frames may contract because of weather conditions

When considering investing on bi-folding doors it is vital to consider your financial allowance. They are generally more expensive than a normal sliding door or patio door. However, there's clearly a lot to gain from the extra expense. Many brand new homes tend to be fitted with bi-folding doors to be able to add value to their own investment. The next matter to consider is whether or not you would choose a UPVC bi-fold or an aluminum bi-fold. The aluminum folding doorway is around 50% more costly but in relation to a product there isn't any comparison.

The actual UPVC does not appear as contemporary and can occasionally seem troublesome due to the requirement for larger structures. Aluminium fold able sliding door systems can be built with much slimmer frames which means that there is more room for glass and that means better views. The strength of the material used also allows them to be much wider.

Bi fold doors need to be installed very precisely due to the weight and mechanism used to open and shut the door. Warping using the aluminum dependent bi-folding door can also be very minimal in comparison to the UPVC alternative. The only real benefit apart from the price of the actual plastic outdoor patio door is they have much better heat durability. This is because of the heat preservation properties associated with plastic in contrast to aluminum.

So, this way, there are so many advantages if you actually opt for these kind of doors. You should actually plan for a type and a style that actually suits the overall scheme of house before you make the final decision about which doors to opt for. Which is very important as doors can be a major contributer to the overall look of the house. Bi Folding doors are an excellent choice to go for which will add beauty to your home.


Written on behalf of Glasslite, manufacturers and installers of designer bi-fold door throughout the United Kingdom.

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